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As a supporting partner in the high-stress and deadline-oriented legal world, we have established a large clientele of paralegals, attorneys, and general counsels at major legal firms.

We facilitate business registrations, streamline document delivery, and provide process serving nationwide. Some tools and services you’ll find at All American Document Services include:

  • Litigation Research
  • Corporate Services
  • UCC/Lien Services
  • Skip Tracing
  • Service of Process

For a complete list of services, please visit our Due Diligence and Courthouse Services or Service of Process pages.


All American Document Services maintains partnerships throughout the corporate world. Our tools and services free up valuable manpower, reduce cost, increase efficiency, and mitigate the risk of costly tax and legal violations. We assign dedicated account managers and thorough research experts to all of our clients regardless of size – from entrepreneurs to major corporations.

Come to All American Document Services if you’re in need of:

  • Corporate Document Services
  • Registered Agent Service
  • Litigation Research
  • UCC/Lien Services
  • Document Delivery

For a complete list of services, please visit our Corporate Services page.

Real Estate

All American Document Services fills an essential niche in the real estate industry. We provide rapid document delivery, thorough public record searches, and document retrieval that help realtors, lenders, and title agencies meet their clients’ needs and remain in compliance with federal regulations.

Electronic Recording

Our secure web-based recording system provides a key-point, one-stop location for title agencies, law firms, and lenders to submit documents electronically.


We protect our clients’ investments and reduce labor costs by performing searches for ownership and encumbrance, real estate taxes, bankruptcy, court judgments, and liens.

Document retrieval

We provide rapid access to all real estate documents filed with state, local, and federal government recording offices, streamlining work for lenders, realtors, title agents, and attorneys. For added efficiency, we’ve updated our website and upgraded our document delivery platform.

For complete information, please see our Real Estate Services page .


Commercial Banks and Asset-Based Lenders

Commercial banks and asset-based lenders play an essential role in helping businesses fund their operations, and All American Document Services provides a range of services that empower lenders of all sizes to mitigate the risk and decrease the cost of lending. With constant changes in regulations, our services are specifically designed to help those in the lending industry evaluate applicants, monitor current customers, and close transactions with ease.

Factoring Companies

Our unique understanding of accounts receivables and invoice factoring make us a top choice for factoring companies across the country. With unmatched account monitoring and reporting, thorough public record searches, and digital document delivery, we’re able to reduce overhead and take the burden off of our clients.

Equipment Leasing Companies

Equipment leasing companies give businesses access to the tools they need to take advantage of opportunities as they arise. We help leasing companies in the same way—providing a range of tools like UCC services and lien searches to optimize the leasing process, increase client volume, and decrease the risk of loss.


No matter what your role is in the solar energy industry, you have financial interests to protect. All American Document Services helps manufacturers, sellers, servicers, and investors make important credit decisions by performing comprehensive due diligence searches and perfecting their interest in leased solar equipment.

We perfect your interest in solar equipment, so in the event that the person you sold or leased your equipment to fails to meet their obligations, you’ll be able to repossess it or recover proceeds from the sale. We also submit all required county and state UCC filings to secure your assets.

Other Industries and Services

All American Document Services is a comprehensive research and due diligence service company that works with a variety of individuals and customers from a variety of industries.

Common Clientele

  • Paralegals
  • Title Companies
  • Real Estate related providers
  • Registered Agent service providers
  • Insurance Companies
  • Recruiters
  • Human Resource Companies and Professionals
  • Pre-employment screening and Tenant Screening companies
  • Private Investigators and other information providers

Other Services

  • Public Library Searches into the records of the public library to look into archived news articles that may lend relevance to an ongoing case or inquiry
  • Archives Records in all Government Offices
  • All Types of Public Records
  • Volume Duplication of Records
  • Apostilles, Authentication, Certification, Legalization of documents for international use
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