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Our Process

Our Process

Our dynamic formula for success has made All American Document Services an industry leader in due diligence, document research, and public records services since 2002.

Project Management

All American Document Services draws upon an extensive network of human sources when performing any due diligence and investigation. Each individual report demands a specific team composition and structure and is managed by one of our experienced project managers.

Human Sources

The All American Document Services network includes sources in a variety of fields including Judicial, Legal, Sector Specific Business contacts (national and international), Government, Media.


All American Document Services uses a number of proprietary databases and archives to access information in the public domain. This includes national level as well as local searches.


All American Document Services structures its investigative process to ensure that information is corroborated by several sources.


All American Document Services will produce a concise, objective report specifically tailored to our client’s needs. We are also able to offer our opinion and recommendations, as well as post-project facilitation.

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