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Corporate Filing Rejections: A Guide to the Most Common Errors

Jun 07, 2019
corporate filing rejections

Filing corporate documents takes time and involves key members of your team. Making errors in your corporate filing not only wastes time and limits the productivity of your staff, it can also lead to financial loss and legal liability. So, it’s important to limit corporate filing rejections as much as possible. Our team at All American Document Services can help guide you in managing your corporate filings. In this new post, we’re highlighting the most common errors companies make when filing corporate documents.

Corporate Name Not Available

If you’re starting a new business and filing corporate documents with your local state, you may find that the corporate name you chose has already been taken. States will not allow multiple business entities to use the same name, and they will reject the document if the name has been taken. Make sure you work with your local state authorities to check your business name before filing the documents.

Missing Signatures

In some cases, companies file documents with key signatures missing. Each corporate document has specific signature requirements. For example, audit documents may require the signature of your accountant and the auditor. Make sure you communicate with the stakeholders for the document before filing. Most states will now accept electronic signatures, which can be provided via faxed and emailed documents.

Poor Quality Documents

When a document is considered to be of poor quality, it will be rejected. For example, if the text of the document is not legible and cannot be clearly understood, the state will reject the filing. The language around legibility is changing as technology advances. But most states will reject a document that is legible as a hard copy but cannot be scanned effectively for comprehension from their electronic databases.

Failure to Pay the Required Fees

When filing corporate documents, your company must pay the required fees to the state organization for document processing. If the state does not receive the fees at the time of filing, the document can be rejected. Failure to pay any of the following fees can cause document rejection: prepayment of taxes, special handling charges, certification fees, and counter fees.

Tips for Ensuring Effective Processing of Corporate Documents

So now that you have learned a few of the most common errors companies make when filing documents, let’s take a look at a few tips for effective corporate document processing:

  • Have a legal professional review the document before it’s filed.
  • Discuss the filing process with your state organization before filing.
  • Ask all stakeholders to confirm the details in the documents when finalizing the process.

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