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Yes, Our Georgia Title Searches Include Records Not at the Courthouse

Jun 24, 2019
georgia title searches

When you order Georgia title searches, you will receive all information pertinent to the deed and mortgage on a property. What you won’t see are all the other debts that could be encumbering the property. Only by working with a public records search company like All American Document Services can you enjoy quick turnaround times on Georgia title searches that include municipal lien searches. 

Below we’ll share the issues these municipal lien searches can uncover and why AADS is the team to partner with for your Georgia transactions going forward. If you’re ready to order now, click here: Georgia Real Estate Package

Water Bill Liens on Property 

Liens on a property can prevent you from taking ownership of the property title and therefore stop you from completing the purchase of the building. In Georgia, liens can be placed on properties for which there are still water bills owed. At the current time, there is no public record for these liens, and so it’s important to work with our experts at All American Document Services in order to complete your title search. 

Department of Revenue Liens

Another piece of data that the state of Georgia does not record at the courthouse is Department of Revenue liens. These liens are the result of non-payment of state taxes on a property and will result in title transfer challenges for those looking to purchase the property. We can help you get access to this Department of Revenue data so that you don’t waste time and resources.

Choose All American Document Services to Avoid Transaction Delays

One of the biggest challenges for clients completing property transactions are delays in the project. Any delay could cost you thousands of dollars in lost revenue and lead to you waiting several months for a transaction to be completed. At All American Document Services, we’re committed to helping you avoid these challenging delays to your property transactions.

A key area in which we stand out in the industry is our use of next-generation technology to quickly and effectively complete research for our clients. 

We scan thousands of databases in a short amount of time to find the information that you need to complete your transactions. We also employ qualified customer service professionals who can help to answer your questions and guide you in making the right decision for your transaction. 

Our speed of service is among the fastest in the industry, and we can often complete our searches within 48 to 72 hours of your first contact with our team.

Each of our team members has a comprehensive background in the real estate and legal industries and understands the challenges that many local Georgia property buyers face.

Building Long-Term Relationships Based on Reliable Results

Our company has thrived over our decades in the industry by delivering reliable results to our clients. Whether you’re searching for title information, lien information, or historical records, we can find the data you’re looking for in a quick time frame. It’s why so many clients have been working with All American Document Services for several years.

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