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An Extension of Your Firm: Georgia’s 2017 Solo & Small Firm Institute

Jul 14, 2017
Georgia 2017 Solo & Small Firm Institute - All American Document Services

All American Document Services is happy to be attending Georgia’s 2017 Solo & Small Firm Institute July 14th and 15th in Atlanta.

Why Choose All American Document Services?

We are a public records research company with:

  • Advanced skip tracing software
  • Rapid process service and skip tracing
  • Experienced researchers to perform UCC searches, Real-estate title searches, liens searches
  • Civil and Criminal Searches, OFAC, Bankruptcy


We are more than just a vendor to small law firms across the country. We are an extension of your firm. 

We have invested in the investigative tools and the incredible people that make your job easier.

Reports leave you even more confused than before?

Public records research and skip tracing can be confusing—but we actually ENJOY the work. We are happy to explain the intricacies of our world to anyone willing to listen.

Ordering searches feels like a scavenger hunt?

If simply placing an order for your search is a hassle, the finished reports are likely to be disorganized as well—forcing you to complete yet another job that you’re paying them to do. AADS can offer simplicity and clarity at the front end, because we understand everything on the back end.

Constantly overpaying for flashy companies with padded fees and subpar service?

Many companies invest extensively in marketing and overhead—not on improving their processes. AADS is old school. No glitz. No glamor. We offer real, complete, organized results in as little time as possible.

Lured toward inferior researchers that market price over quality?

Many public records companies and skip tracers have turned their service into an assembly line that is focused on price pressures rather than quality. That’s NOT how we operate. AADS sends real people to the source to research, file and retrieve records.

Bombarded with crazy spam emails?

AADS does not collect, share or sell any client information with third-party marketers.

Surprised by tacked-on fees?

AADS builds long-term relationships measured in decades, not days. We never violate our clients’ trust by billing you for what has not been approved.

Company avoids you, fails to provide status updates or return calls?

We feel your pain, and that’s why when you call our customer support team, you’ll be connected with a self-identified “people person” that actually enjoys helping people. In the fast-paced, high stakes real estate and corporate world, this can make all the difference.

Turnaround time fluctuates dramatically?

AADS offers turnaround time within 48-72 hours—most searches completed within 24 hours. We also fulfill priority and rush requests, and same-day document retrieval, filing and recording in some counties.

Set up a time to talk in Atlanta

To set up a time to talk with Al from All American Document Services, call 866-318-8638 or email AlVisit our homepage or contact us for more information. We look forward to seeing you in Atlanta!

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