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How to Conduct a Title Search in North Carolina

Oct 17, 2019
title search in north carolina

Do you need a title search in North Carolina? Whether you’re a real estate agent, a North Carolina law firm or a private investigator, you may find the process of conducting a title search to be challenging. It may also be stressful, as your home purchase or your real estate business depends on the accuracy and thoroughness of the search. While a title search company will conduct the actual search for you, there’s still a lot to do, from collecting documents to choosing the company that provides the most complete search.

Let us walk you through the process of conducting your title search from choosing your title search company to ensuring the final report is accurate.

Collect Previous Title Work

Of course, you need to collect basic information about the property, such as the address, but you should also dig a little deeper. You may have access to old title searches or other information that can help your title search company complete the search.

Compare Companies  

Shop carefully for your title search company. Not all companies offer you the same searches, or level of search. If you’re in North Carolina, you can benefit from All American Document Services’ thorough service. For example, we conduct municipal lien searches, which don’t appear in traditional title searches.

Municipal lien searches tell you if anyone has placed a lien on the property, along with an assortment of other useful information such as:

  • If there are unpaid utility bills
  • If the property has code enforcement violations
  • If there are open or expired permits associated with the property

When it comes to liens, North Carolina is a pure race state. This means that smaller liens from unusual sources are more common. In many cases the state may lien may supersede the first lien, but the other parties who are competing to have their rights to the property are encouraged to do so quickly. It’s wise to get this information quickly yourself.

Consider Search Types

When you speak to the different title search companies you’re considering, be sure to ask exactly what kind of information will be included in the search. We offer a wide range of searches that may be very valuable to you as a home buyer or to your clients, if you’re a real estate agent. These include:

  • Deed Search
  • Chain of Title
  • Owner Verification
  • Tax Assessor Search
  • Assignment Chain
  • Judgement/UCC/Lien Search
  • Bankruptcy Search

At All American Document Services, we can advise you as to which kinds of searches are most valuable in your situation.

Order the Title Search

After you’ve decided on a company, go ahead and order the search. When you work with us, it’s as simple as filling out our online order form, with the information you gained during step one.

Review the Search

After you’ve placed an order with us, you’ll receive the results of your search in 24-48 hours. This quick turn around gives you the time you need to review the results before you go ahead with your sale. Double-check that the search is for the property you’re reviewing, and then reach out to us if you have questions.  

Choose All American Document Services to Avoid Transaction Delays

Our professionals at All American Document Services can help you find all the property information that you and your clients need to know within a quick time frame. Our team has a comprehensive background in legal and real estate industries and has a vast knowledge of North Carolina law. We’ll scan thousands of documents for you, helping you find lien information, title documents, and related property data.

Experience a quicker turnaround time, smoother delivery, and superior customer care with the AADS Advantage.

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